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The amount of people using online search has increased in the past couple years.


You may offer the product/service someone is searching for online


Strong rankings in the search engines will mean higher visibility and traffic. Who will potential customers choose if your business website is nowhere to be found


Dominate the competition

These Are The Facts


Smartphones, tablets, and computers have allowed consumers to have higher interaction with businesses.


Prefer Mobile Searches from home even when other larger display devices are available.


Of Organic Visitors Never Scroll Past The First Page Of The Search Results


4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find products, services, or activities nearby.

How it Works


We know that your hard earned money deserves a nice return for the years to come. You know how important an investment not only for yourself but for your company will be. Our thoughtful SEO philosophy will provide you with an ROI and improved sales, and dominant enough to withstand the ever changing unpredictable environments that may arise.

Monthly Reports

Ranking updates and any important news will be sent out in a timely manner. We keep our clients informed of any changes in the industry and advice recommendations to help secure their business online.


Get to know Rocor, and we will get to know you. You’ll have personal access to us with an open door policy set in place. Our purpose is to help you during this journey, whether you have a question, problem, or want an update you can reach out to us, we will be delighted to hear from you.


Not only have our tactics been carved from being in the trenches and fine tuned from doing the work, but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s top SEO Experts. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry and you benefit from that knowledge firsthand.

Our Services


A deep analysis will be conducted to properly answer any and all concerns you might have. We effectively diagnose the health of your business website to allow the process of optimization to begin. This allows for effective rankings on the front pages even during the ever changing algorithms Google implements.

Social Powered WiFi

Our Social-Powered Free Wi-Fi Hotspot allows your customers to connect with their favorite social media site in exchange for free Internet access, offers, promotions, coupons and more! Stop giving out free WiFi in exchange for nothing.


If you have an Amazon store and wish to gain top rankings positions when people are looking for other similar products then you are in for a treat. We can work with you to gain the best results possible for your product to appear on the front pages of specific search results which will have higher revenue potential.


You will be approached by a vast number of agencies that claim expertise in this field of search engine optimization. Rocor SEO has definitely claimed it’s place within this industry. The work ethic that Rogelio has will continue to deliver great results, just like they delivered for me. The purpose behind this company is obvious and can be seen through its owner, devoted to helping it’s clients. Looking forward to working with him in the very near future.

Edmund Vincent Yun
Edmund Vincent YunAttorney

Rogelio Cortez is the real deal. Our shop wasn’t getting good rankings on Google, and so he helped me come up with a marketing plan and changed some of my website keywords so I could be at the top of the page on a search. It worked!

Bill Cook
Bill CookShop Owner

The biggest thing I hear back from Rogelio’s clients is this: his work has literally changed lives. Rocor SEO has boosted the livelihood of many businesses by getting their page rankings in Google increased, and as a result, he’s gained himself a loyal customer base (and rightly so). Stop wasting your time trying to find someone else in Orange County who will deliver like Rocor SEO and get Rogelio on the phone right now!

Rob Cushing
Rob CushingFounder of Port & Starward

Rogelio Cortez has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to SEO. Not only does he have the work ethic, but he has the “how to” in everything SEO related. He has resources that most SEO specialists only dream to have. Do yourself a favor and choose him as your go to for SEO services.

Christopher Li
Christopher LiMedia Buyer

Welcome to Rocor SEO, the reason why you found us is you’re probably currently browsing the internet in hopes of finding the best SEO agency and possibly have a long-term goal of getting your business higher up in the ranks of a particular search engine. If we stop and think about how everyone is searching in modern day society we must not forget how far technology and access to the world wide web or the internet have become. For many, the first thing that comes to mind would be our mobile devices and computers. Every day there will be millions upon millions actively engaged online searching away, but are you utilizing this to your benefit?

Whether they are looking for the latest trending video, a close friend’s social media, or looking for specific businesses, products, and services. Are you utilizing this constant flow of traffic happening online to benefit your business?

Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful tool that has been used over the years to aid business owners to acquire more traffic online, but just as many might unfortunately already know from personal experience, not all agencies out there can deliver the results they promise. Over the years, hundreds of SEO companies/agencies have emerged from several parts of the country. You have to be very careful which one you do decide to do business with. You will be putting your trust in the hands of this SEO company to manage your digital real estate.

The company that ultimately wins your business must have a broad range of knowledge on several aspects of the industry in order to successfully deliver results over a long period of time. SEO must NOT be executed the same way for every business. Prices must vary and strategies tailored to each individual business target clients. It is a huge red flag when being placed inside a one price fits all situation.

Results and client satisfaction will be easily spotted once the project has been done the right way. It is an honor for us at Rocor SEO to have the opportunity to work with some of the most respected professionals in their respective industries. Although you will find out that our services are not suitable for all, we do give our full attention to those that will come on board to working with our team of SEO experts.

Keyword optimization plays an important role in ranking and is done by the way search engine spider crawlers pick up your keyword optimized pages on your website. Here at Rocor SEO, we do a thorough analysis of your content to ensure proper optimization. Other alternative keywords will be recommended to rank your page higher on the results page.

Search Engine Optimization will always be dependent on one crucial element, time. Who you ultimately decide to partner with must know how to save valuable time as you are going up against a flood of competition on a daily basis. Delivery of professional work within a specified time frame is important to us and we believe in letting you focus on other important areas of your business without having to worry about how you’re advertising dollars are being used. With this framework established we strongly believe that during this process it should be very clear to the business owner how all this will come to be.

Please keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is a very tedious profession. Pricing is always different, and will vary depending on the businesses that request these services. You will get what you pay for, and on that note, you shouldn’t have to pay high rates either. All SEO experts in this industry should charge very reasonable prices, and back up the price tag with results. Lastly on this topic, you should never expect a bargain or discount when looking for proper SEO. There are shortcuts and easy ways to get things done, but we all know what happens when the easy route is chosen.

Linking and ranking specific keywords to achieve first page results is one thing, but the real game changer will be how well the SEO company lays out these linking tactics to move your website from point a to point b safely. Each SEO company will work on coming up with a competitive game plan, providing a concise linking strategy which will be crucial in obtaining a proper positioning within the search engines. A full analysis should then be provided in regards to your current websites health as well as how they intend to better the current state of the business site.

Many let the days go by and continue managing different aspects of their business, but don’t take the time to really understand the importance of having their brand placed within the top spots of the most reputable search engine of our time, Google. While most would simply brush off this opportunity, some have taken action and are reaping the benefits of a flourishing company. The facts are clear in that many consumers will scroll right over most paid ads and focus on the organic search results.

Being present on the first page of organic search results is crucial in seeing long term results as opposed to the temporary gains that are acquired through other forms of advertisement. A lot of people have been locked into believing this is the most effective route.

If you want that advertising budget you have set aside to go farther than what the typical business owner will be able to take it then you must begin to have a basic understanding of how SEO can benefit your business. Search Engine Optimization has been increasing revenue for Small, medium, all the way up to fortune 500 companies. The demand for a local SEO has increased in the past months mainly due to Google coming out in the media openly speaking out about updates they have rolled out.

It is obvious why Search Engine Optimization has been added to many successful businesses overall strategy. Being ready in this digital age means being profitable. Meaning that if you’re still planning on making money through articles in the local newspaper then I will be the one to break it to you, those days are long gone.

As this world continues to dive deeper and deeper into the digital age, SEO can become another important tool to factor in for your company. Locking in consumers as they browse around the first page of the search results is any businesses ultimate goal, more traffic to their website, the higher the chances of them obtaining and converting more clients.

The main reason behind why many business owners have filtered out other SEO companies and chosen the expertise of Rocor SEO is because this agency delivers the results that are promised.We do not believe in making up some unrealistic plan which will deceive and betray the expectations of our clients. We know what can be done for a business as well as what cannot. If the expectations are not reasonable it is our responsibility to inform them upon knowing if this type of scenario were to arise.

We hope you take away some value from simply visiting our page and have been left with a basic overview of how this industry functions. With these tips, you are ready to move forward and remember our intention is to help you out with the selection process of partnering with an SEO agency.

First page rankings are the holy grail for all owners looking to obtain more clients. Millions will be looking for the solution to their problems, you could have the answers, but who will they choose if your nowhere to be found? Stop losing money to your competitors that rank above you in the search results.

Wondering why you would need an SEO to assist you in your local area? Well, let’s think about one important detail that cannot be overlooked in today’s ever evolving society. The way we all communicate has changed drastically due to one little brick shaped device, a smartphone!

More searches are being done on mobile devices now than ever before leaving phone books to pick up dust on everyone’s coffee table. Mobile internet access has resulted in the majority simply reaching into their pockets to obtain answers from search engines on a daily basis.

Rocor SEO has been recommended by some of the most trusted top experts and received many compliments for the strategies that are applied. Just the results that speak for themselves will suffice to understand why we hold our ground among several companies in the industry.

We’re more than happy to provide you with a consultation free of charge, as well as receive a complimentary video analysis to see how well your website and business is holding up against the competition. We can help you convert your website to become mobile optimized, become a powerhouse amongst your competition, and discover a whole new level of fulfillment. Contact us at (949) 431-2727.

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